1. Features
Il 29466 è il chip più potente della serie DIP disponibile e programmabile sul sistema di sviluppo a nostra disposizione. Qui di seguito sono elencate le caratteristiche descritte nel datasheet, così da essere disponibili "a colpo d'occhio" alla bisogna.

■ Powerful Harvard Architecture Processor

❐ M8C Processor Speeds to 24 MHz
❐ Two 8x8 Multiply, 32-Bit Accumulate
❐ Low Power at High Speed
❐ 3.0V to 5.25V Operating Voltage
❐ Operating Voltages Down to 1.0V Using On-Chip Switch Mode Pump (SMP)
❐ Industrial Temperature Range: -40°C to +85°C

■ Advanced Peripherals (PSoC® Blocks)

❐ 12 Rail-to-Rail Analog PSoC Blocks Provide:
• Up to 14-Bit ADCs
• Up to 9-Bit DACs
• Programmable Gain Amplifiers
• Programmable Filters and Comparators
❐ 16 Digital PSoC Blocks Provide:
• 8- to 32-Bit Timers, Counters, and PWMs
• CRC and PRS Modules
• Up to 4 Full-Duplex UARTs
• Multiple SPI™ Masters or Slaves
• Connectable to all GPIO Pins
❐ Complex Peripherals by Combining Blocks

■ Precision, Programmable Clocking

❐ Internal ±2.5% 24/48 MHz Oscillator
❐ 24/48 MHz with Optional 32.768 kHz Crystal
❐ Optional External Oscillator, up to 24 MHz
❐ Internal Oscillator for Watchdog and Sleep

■ Flexible On-Chip Memory

❐ 32K Bytes Flash Program Storage 50,000 Erase/Write Cycles
❐ 2K Bytes SRAM Data Storage

❐ In-System Serial Programming (ISSP)
❐ Partial Flash Updates
❐ Flexible Protection Modes
EEPROM Emulation in Flash

■ Programmable Pin Configurations

❐ 25 mA Sink, 10 mA Source on all GPIO
❐ Pull up, Pull down, High Z, Strong, or Open Drain Drive Modes on all GPIO
❐ 8 standard analog inputs on GPIO, plus 4 additional analog inputs with restricted routing
❐ Four 40 mA Analog Outputs on GPIO
❐ Configurable Interrupt on all GPIO

■ Additional System Resources

I2C Slave, Master, and Multi-Master to 400 kHz
Watchdog and Sleep Timers
❐ User-Configurable Low Voltage Detection
❐ Integrated Supervisory Circuit
❐ On-Chip Precision Voltage Reference

■ Complete Development Tools

❐ Free Development Software (PSoC Designer™)
❐ Full-Featured, In-Circuit Emulator and Programmer
❐ Full Speed Emulation
❐ Complex Breakpoint Structure
❐ 128K Bytes Trace Memory
❐ Complex Events
❐ C Compilers, Assembler, and Linker

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